10 Great Kitchen Ideas for Indian Homes

Modern kitchens are modular, versatile and tailored to suit our requirements. With time, the damp, dreary cooking place of old has been replaced by spaces that combine functionality and elegance seamlessly. Besides their obvious function, kitchens are also increasingly being used as an extension of the living and dining room, a place where guests are entertained and where the entire household congregates together. Indian kitchens are compact and smaller, and don’t afford much options when it comes to design.


How do we then go about getting the kitchen to look classy and inviting?

When getting down to the basics, it has been observed that one need not do a complete kitchen overhaul in order to bring it up to date. Little touches here and there, and some wonderful ideas can go a long way in making Indian homes last for many years, despite the onslaught of our cooking.

1. Wooden Finishes

Wood exudes subtlety and elegance, and choosing the best pattern of wood according to your requirement, can change the ambience of a home, making it bright and elegant.

2. Color Theme

Color is an essential theme in modular kitchens. Colors should be chosen carefully because they influence moods and are also known to stimulate appetite. The color of cabinets and walls may not match, but balance out the cooking space, neither making it too claustrophobic, nor too garish. While some choose pastel colors, others choose bright and striking. A helpful tip would be contrasting wall colors with the cabinets. A white wall will offset and striking, bright kitchen cabinet design beautifully.

3. Decorative elements

These are the spice and pepper to your recipe that will polish you’re creativity to heights. You can give it a classy, modern or a royal look and the whole thing depends on your elements.
Some of the elements like arches, moldings, beam ceilings, framed and raised-panel cabinets, furniture-style cabinets, unusual wall clocks, small knitted baskets, curtains that catch your attention.

4. Personal Customization

If you have an Idea or requirement that suits your style of cooking and managing skills to use all the space in the room then you should build up a self customized Module. You have the freedom to build one and never leave an empty space in the kitchen.

5. Lighting

This plays an attractive role in the Kitchen Modules. Suggest the Designer to add Some lighting elements so that you feel more like living room other than utilitarian spaces or you can DIY if you have an eye-catching idea! You can use Crystal lamps, Brass Chandeliers, Lantern Style Lights etc. Sometimes just use candles to decorate your kitchen on occasions to feel it special!!

6. Privatize corners

Well if you end up with extra space and want to fill up the empty spaces you can build up a private bar and keep all your wine collections. If you are non-drinker then you can install open steel racks with triangular shapes to keep the Utensils

7. Easy to Grab

Plan out the Kitchen Module so than when you’re on the go you can grab the things in furniture set, cabinets, trays, pullouts easily.

8. Keep it Open

As Indian Food recipe’s include oil , spices and ghee etc ….. And it’s an unending process if you are preparing for more than two or three dishes a day. These things should be in front of your eye so plan the compartment for smooth and un-interrupted process. ]

9. Fitting the Tiles

Adjust the color theme of tiles and contrast it with the walls so it looks classy and elegant.
TIP: Well to appear your kitchen more spacious, tiles installation should be done in a diagonal direction.

10. Entertaining Elements

1. You can install a Music System in your kitchen and can cook with style!
2. Are you a Food lover who is always in search of new recipes? Well you can make your own shelf for all your collection of Recipe Books.
3. You can even decorate your kitchen with Motivational or Self-Confidence or any Posters you like.



by Sandesh Dhanraj, on September 13, 2015

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