4 Tips to Improve Dining Room Décor

Dining Room of the HGTV Green Home 2012 located in Serenbe, GA

If you are so fortunate as to have a separate dining room, it goes without saying that taking pains to furnish it tastefully will add to your enjoyment. This place is where you spend time with friends and families, celebrate and party. Furnishings and furniture create the right ambiance, to foster this feeling of closeness and enjoyment. Here are ways you can improve dining room décor with appropriate furnishing.

Tables, chairs, room size


  • Your dining room is made up of parts but it is wise to consider it as belonging to a whole. The table and chairs are the center pieces. Therefore, do not pick them in isolation but consider them as part of the greater ensemble.
  • Larger rooms can accommodate grand, heavy, ornate wood tables with upholstered chairs to match.
  • Smaller rooms will still retain the feeling of spaciousness if you opt for steel and glass tables with matching contemporary fiberglass moulded and contoured chairs.
  • A tall serving side table to match, completes this part of your dining room furnishing.


  • Would you have a plain, ceramic tiled floor, a marble floor or a floor with intricate patterns? Larger spaces take on an enhanced look when you select patterns made with different colored tiles arranged in a design or patterned marble, granite or ceramic flooring.
  • For smaller rooms, plain tiles are best. Just highlight the dining area with a richly colored rug. Instead of a rug you can just as well have ceramic tiles with a specific design or pattern forming the center piece of the dining room.
  • In any case, carrying forward the design idiom of the drawing room to the dining room ensures harmonized looks.

Window covering

  • Venetian blinds do have a nice, contemporary touch and go well with smaller rooms.
  • Larger rooms and heavy drapes or lighter curtains on the windows are a perfect match. However, if you have curtains, you will need to maintain them. On the other hand there is nothing like drawing together the curtains for that intimate, cozy atmosphere.
  • Make both a bit different by installing down lighters to accent the window area. Flowerpots with small plants on either side of the window, located at floor level, will catch the lights and endow the room with a special flavor.



  • Talking about lights, use them to good advantage in the dining room.
  • A crystal chandelier hanging right over the table and casting sparkles of light creates a bright, joyful atmosphere which you will love.
  • You could just as well use fluorescent strip lights mounted in a fixture with a diffuser suspended above the table, but make sure to use warm white, not the cold white light tubes that tend to be bluish-green. Including one golden light tube in the ensemble will really create a warm ambiance. Using large round Japanese paper lanterns is an alternative to create an exotic look.
  • The atmosphere of your dining room can be heightened a bit further, by installing an aquarium to be the show stopper and then highlighting it with suitable lighting.

Dining room decor is easy to put together, but should be done in such a way, so as to make it a cohesive whole.




by Sandesh Dhanraj, on December 27, 2015