5 ways to maintain a functional kitchen space

Apart from technologically advanced appliances and high-end finishes, it is also important to give due heed to the kitchen’s layout so that it best meets the homeowner’s lifestyle.

If there is one thing that is an integral part of everybody’s daily routine, it is cooking. From making a simple cheese toast to whipping an elaborate six-course meal, at some point during the day, we all spend time in the kitchen. Given the importance of this space it is necessary to have an organized and functional kitchen to make the most of it. In many household, kitchens are often the center of activity with meals being taken in the kitchen itself. Therefore it is necessary to ensure it is place that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional.

A place for everything: The first step to make the kitchen organized is to categorize the tools, utensils and appliances based on the frequency of use. As the kitchen usually house a variety of items, designating them to particular cabinets or space ensures ease of access. The items that are rarely used can be stored in overhead cabinets while the items that are used on a regular basis can be kept in places that are ready to reach. This uncluttered look helps streamline the look of the kitchen as well as allows ease of cooking.

Organised cabinets: One should look for smart storage options as it’s often hard to find storage space in the kitchen. Often kitchens tend to have dead spaces like corners and intermediate spaces. These could be filled up with corner accessories like Magic Corners and Carousel Units to store small things like cutlery. Keeping the cooking essentials handy is another way to organize. Small utensils and spices can be stored in drawers. Pots and pans can be kept in pull-out drawers ensuring ease of access while tall pantries are convenient to stock a lot of groceries.

Open shelves/Wall storage: Open shelves are one of the ways to add light and space to kitchen. These shelves can be used to store small items which are frequently used. This acts as a display unit for decorative containers, plants and cookbooks. Using the hanger rods and hooks on walls creates the space to store tools or hang mugs of a variety of sizes. The spice racks are another great idea for display storage.

Keep it minimal: Keeping your kitchen simple with clean lines is one of the best ways to add space to your kitchen. It has several advantages as well as it adds to the functionality of the space. This starts with removal of tools, utensils and appliances that you do not use. This makes the kitchen look organized and creates extra space at no cost. It looks attractive as well. “The less the more” is a great idea to make the kitchen functional.

Choose the right appliances: There are a variety of appliances that can be found in your average kitchen. While appliances are very useful they also take up a lot of counter space. Choose your appliances wisely. Items that perform a dual role a microwave oven or a hob with a chimney are useful when space is constraint. Choose your refrigerator size based on the number of family members; if you freeze a lot of food, ensure your freezer space is large. Do not buy a waffle maker if you will never make waffles but like the idea of keeping one at home – appliances consume a lot of space and more often than not we rarely use them on a regular basis.



by Sandesh Dhanraj, on January 30, 2018