8 Ways To Go Eco-friendly This Diwali

Diwali is a time when you go overboard with celebrations. Crackers, lights, possibly new furnishings, wall hanging, streamers and rangoli are but a few of the things you will be buying for Diwali. If you haven’t tried it before, now is the time to go eco-friendly this Diwali

1. Diyas – Flickering diyas with golden flame do look more attractive than strings of electric lamps. Select diyas made of clay, fill each with oil and place a cotton wick. Once Diwali is over you can throw these away or destroy them with the least impact on the environment.


2. Lights – If you are thinking of light decorations and plan to go for cheap Chinese strings of electric lights, think again. These are not eco-friendly. Instead, opt for paper lanterns for Diwali lights. Once Diwali is over you can simply throw these lanterns away rather than causing them to crowd landfills.

paper lanterns

3. Wall hanging and Wall Decorations – Instead of plastic printed wall hangings or framed ones, why not think of wall hangings made of organic khadi printed with vegetable dyes? This will add a novel, rustic touch to your home. In one way you are preserving the environment and your home is also safer, since such wall hangings will not emit noxious fumes.


4. Rangoli – What is Diwali without rangoli. Rangoli is auspicious and is an invitation to the Goddess Laxmi to bring prosperity into your home. Most powders for rangoli are dyed with chemical dyes. Once Diwali is over and you sweep away the rangoli, you are poisoning the environment. This Diwali, use materials that are eco-friendly. For instance, you can use turmeric, chalk powder, herbal powders or chalk powder dyed with organic vegetable dyes for the rangoli. Such organically dyed powders also have a nice earthy colors instead of glaring vividly bright colors of synthetic toxic dyes.


5. Plants and Pots – Your home will look transformed when you place a couple of potted plants inside with suitable downlighters to accent them. Make sure you pick clay pots instead of plastic or cement pots. This is your contribution to beautifying your home for Diwali and keeping the environment protected at the same time.

Cozy corner at home in the morning lights

6. Idols – Laxmi is worshipped on Dhanteras to bring peace and prosperity into your home. If you are inclined to go for metal or marble idol of this Goddess of wealth, change your mindset. A silver, marble or brass idol is something to show off no doubt, but is less eco-friendly than an idol made of clay. Beautifully painted, a clay idol looks impressive.


7. Furnishings – Does Diwali tempt you to splurge on wool or expensive acrylic floor covering? Think different. If you have taken the trouble to go in for eco-friendly decorative articles, it is only fitting that the floor covering should be in harmony. Pick straw carpet for that earthy, warm look. You can also opt for jute carpet, another eco-friendly floor covering. Besides being cheap, these floor coverings have the least impact on the environment should you choose to dispose them off at a later date.

8. Crackers – Eco friendly crackers? Best avoid them if you are going eco-friendly this Diwali.






by Sandesh Dhanraj, on December 9, 2015