Open Plan Modular Kitchen


Feeling cramped and clumsy inside the kitchen is a really bad feeling but building an additional cooking space is no mean feat. For many homes, zoning specifications make it extremely difficult for space addition to take place. Here is when open kitchens pop up as an easy alternative, of creating more space without all the messy restrictions.

The character of an open kitchen

An open concept kitchen has few and sometimes no interior walls. Mostly walls that separate kitchen from dining rooms, are absent. This is a concept which has caught on a lot in the space starved, yet aesthetically refined modern homes. Depending upon the layout of the home and the budget along with preferences, the designer gives people an option of a two walled or one walled kitchen or island kitchen. There are several advantages of opting for an open kitchen in your home.

Evolving of the Open Kitchen

Nowadays, the trend has shifted from a traditional dining room to more relaxed informal spaces. Many homeowners and their families hardly use the dining room anymore. This is one of the reasons as to why open kitchens have evolved, merging the formal dining room with the kitchen to make a dynamic, creative and interactive space.

Advantages of an open kitchen

  • The open kitchen allows free passage into the kitchen zone and allows for independent non restrictive work spaces.
  • One can cook and talk to guests and family members at the same time
  • A closed and claustrophobic kitchen, can be turned into an open airy space in a jiffy, with the open kitchen.
  • The kitchen is made more versatile and can be used as a hangout zone, relaxation place and a dining space. Many open kitchens are also used as entertainment hubs.
  • A highly sophisticated and ergonomic layout is created in an open kitchen, and the concept is good for people who suffer from claustrophobia
  • Open kitchens are more luminous. There is a lot of natural light present in an open kitchen. For homes which have fewer windows, or are located in busy neighborhoods the open kitchen is a great and viable option.


Points to Note while opting for Open Kitchens

Though Open Kitchens are a great contemporary option for the homeowner with discerning taste, there are a few things which you need to take care of before availing this option.

Consider questions like the number of people who would be using the open kitchen, number of appliances and total floor area available. Creating an open kitchen is not as simple as tearing down the walls of the kitchen. The electricity, gas and water supply lines have to be carefully adjusted in one.

One of the best things that you could do is to sit down with a professional interior decorator, and discuss your plans of an open kitchen. The decision of the design, layout and construct of the open kitchen should only be done after professional inspection.

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by Sandesh Dhanraj, on December 23, 2016