Amazing Ideas to Deck Up Your Dining Room For Christmas Eve

There is no time like Christmas to spread joy and good cheer. The Christmas eve feast symbolizes sharing and giving in an atmosphere of love. Create the perfect ambiance for your dining room for Christmas Eve without breaking the bank or looking cheap and plastic.

Nature inspired


  • Be inspired by nature. Use an abundance of green twigs, sprigs, leaves and branches for the Christmas Eve. If you cannot get natural, real life branches, you can just as well opt for plastic or fabric greens topped with gold and silver metallic balls and colorful red ribbons. Instead of metallic balls you can just as easily go for stones, pebbles and seashells.
  • Talking of pebbles and seashells, you can string them together to adorn the walls or let them hang by the lights.
  • A glass vase filled with green sprigs tied together with lace is simply elegant.
  • Ceramic crockery, especially antique type with gold rims setting off a pale color or white, is just perfect. You can take it a step further by simply using clay crockery in rustic red-brown or black.



  • The charm of fabric, is that it is available in different shades and colors, and you also have the option of textures ranging from rough and matte to smooth and glossy silk. Use fabric to good advantage to decorate your dining room.
  • Get gaily printed silk scarves in rich deep colors, or just a few basic Christmas colors such as red, white and green. Knotting and tying them together and lining the walls, as well as hanging them from lamps creates a different atmosphere.
  • Cover your table with fabric—glossy silk or textured cotton- and top it with a ceramic bowl filled with fruits surrounded by candles, the LED type.


Paper, like fabric, is available in a multitude of colors and textures. Cutting them into strips, bunching them together or making streamers creates a gay, festive atmosphere for the dining room. It is up to your creative imagination to make small bunches of fine strips of multi-colored paper, and dangle them in the dining room or create only a few large pieces that grab attention.



  • Lights always appeal to the human psyche. Christmas is about lights: for the dining room and for your soul.
  • Hanging lamps in a festoon style is always the easiest way to add color. The walls and ceilings are the first places from where you will hang lights.
  • You can also place these lights under the table and chairs and in alcoves. The glow they create can be simply out of this world and so ethereal, especially when you switch off the main lights. Place a few candles, the normal type or LED type, on your dining tables and it is magic.

Christmas comes only once so why not make that little extra effort: the results will please your guests and your soul.




by Sandesh Dhanraj, on December 24, 2015