Decorating hacks can make your rented home beautiful without much expense.

Decorating hacks can make your rented home beautiful without much expense.

Our home is a space that helps us rest and rejuvenate. Decorating a home is not restricted just to the home owners, or people who live in a home that they have bought. It is applicable for those who rent a home as well. But most people who live in rented homes, do not think much about doing it up in the manner they want as it is usually a temporary home and any major changes could be a waste of money.

There are several landlords who do not allow for structural changes as well. However, who says rented homes have to look boring? With these easy and clever tips one can do up their rented house like the home of their dreams. Here are some decorating hacks that can make your home beautiful with not much expense and with great ease.

Furniture: This is something which makes a home complete and lived-in. Choose modular furniture which is movable. Don’t look for furniture that is very specific to the space you are in, pick versatile furniture as this will not be a source of stress in case you have to move later – it can fit in anywhere.

Light Fixtures: Replacing the light fixtures with new ones or upgrading them by painting also makes the home look interesting. If changing the fixtures become a concern due to the technical issues and budget, only the light shade can be changed. Adding table lamps or floor lamps are another easy ways to make the home look better. Good lighting makes a strong statement for any home.

Wall Décor: A plain wall can be decorated with removable and floating shelves. A series of these shelves make the wall look like a gallery and they can be used to showcase any type of decorative objects or books. Wall hangings like portraits or frames make the wall look fuller. Some of the huge frames can also hide flaws on walls. Having mirrors make the room look bigger and gives depth to the space. The wall decals or stickers available in the market are largely affordable and add style to the home.

Painting: This is one of easiest ways to decorate the home and can bring about dramatic changes. Colours definitely add life to homes. If painting the full house is not within your budget or just too much of a chore, just one wall could be painted with a contrast colour which will make it look like an accent wall.

Add Rugs: It is one of the simplest ways to improve the aesthetics of the home. Rugs add colour and texture to the space. These are available various sizes and suit a variety of budgets. A large rug will cover the flaws of the flooring, like scuffed floors, disfigured tiles etc.

Window Treatment: Windows can be treated with curtains or blinds. This adds colour and pattern to the space. Long curtains can be draped which makes the space look elegant. As curtains and blinds come within a huge price range, they are largely affordable to most people. Some of luxury drapes makes the room look gorgeous as well!

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by Sandesh Dhanraj, on January 20, 2018