Getting the Right Bedroom Color Scheme

Wall colors can have a make or break effect on bedroom décor schemes. The easiest way to give your bedroom a face lift is to get creative with wall colors. There are so many things that you can easily try out in the context of different color schemes for your bedroom. The important thing is to assess your personality and the impact that you want your bedroom to make.

These simple ideas and useful tips will help you in being creative with wall colors for your bedroom:

Neutral shades


In the past few years the neutral palette has become very popular when it comes to bedroom wall colors. Popular shades include beige, brown and charcoal grey, which provide a fresh and neutral palette for décor. These colors are not very overpowering so you can actually incorporate other design elements in your bedroom, without creating a messy effect. Neutral shades also act as perfect partners for almost any kind of accent wall. If you are confused about the best colors for your bedroom, then stick with neutral palettes, since you can never really go wrong.

Stress-free Color schemes


If like 90% of the population you lead a stressful life, then perhaps it is time for you to inject some peace and calm in your bedroom. Colors have a scientifically proven effect on the atmosphere of a room. Some peace and calm inducing colors are blue, lavender, light purple, baby pink and pistachio green. These color schemes are soft, romantic and can help create a dreamy relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom. Make sure that the bedspreads and other furnishings are also modified to suit the overall color scheme of the bedroom.

Wall Art


Several different options of wall art are available, with leading interior decorators and wall paint specialists. Some of the designer wall art options are so beautiful and innovative, that other kind of décor items on the wall becomes entirely redundant. Choose the kind of designer wall that inspires you, and makes you want to see it again and again. For example, if you love flowers you can choose a floral schemed designer wall, or if you are a nature enthusiast, a jungle green theme or a pretty one with birds and butterflies on it will do just as well. On the other hand, if modern art is something that really inspires you, then abstract shapes and creative modern art themed designer walls are also popularly available.

Significance of colours

Before you choose a color scheme for your bedroom, it is important for you to know the effect and significance of different colors. Green signifies nature, vitality, inner peace and stability while blue promotes a feeling of calm, contemplation, loyalty and intellectual progress. Purple is a vibrant colour that energizes and is good for people in the creative field, while pink creates an atmosphere of soft romance. If you are looking for a burst of vitality and an energizing atmosphere, then red and orange accent walls are also good. However these colors, generally suit large bedrooms.



by Sandesh Dhanraj, on December 3, 2016