Handy Checklist For Baby Room Decor

baby decor

The moment you learn you are pregnant you will want to start planning for the arrival of the little bundle of joy into your life and home. This takes on an even more exciting aspect if it is going to be your first baby. Nine months and ten days to go, and your mind is whirling with ideas about the nursery and the baby room décor. Plan right from an early stage and have things ready by the seventh month of pregnancy.

Here are a few things that you can keep in mind when deciding you’re baby’s room decor;

Firstly, you will want to set aside a room that can be transformed into the baby room. This done you start planning the décor, and there are plenty of options to choose from.

Wall décor and paint

bearThis is the first thing to be taken care of and with good reason. Paints have solvents that tend to out-gas over time. A baby is sensitive to chemicals and must not be exposed to the fumes, so get the paint part done a few months before the baby makes his appearance in this world. As for colors, you might be tempted to go in for bright colors or patterns. This is a good idea if the baby nursery will become the child’s own room in the future as he grows into a toddler. You might keep in mind that a baby’s eyes can be quite sensitive so, for a start, muted and soft pastels might be a better alternative. You can always add colorful wall pieces and posters to brighten up the room. Talking of out-gas issues, even plywood and veneers tend to give off fumes so get furniture made months before the stork comes flying. Are you thinking of a carpet? Pick natural dyed wool. While on the topic of chemicals, avoid products that have formaldehyde, isocyanates, adhesives with solvents and phthalates, anti-fungal agents and others that can be harmful for the baby.


Curtains, bed linen, crib


Curtains that can block out all light are a good idea since the baby will spend most of the time sleeping. A pleasant pattern in muted colors to match the wall paint will make for a good combo. Next to consider is the matter of bed linen. Nothing but the best, fine, soft organic cotton dyed with natural colors will serve the purpose. As for the crib, choose one with fixed sides and slats that are close together to prevent the baby’s head from slipping through. A mattress of foam at least 3 inches thick is recommended and its height should be adjustable. It should be stable and the size of the crib must be at least 51 inches x 27 inches. Place the crib away from curtains in a well ventilated area with good air circulation.


Plan to use indirect lighting with diffusers for a soft, warm, muted glow. Dimmable LEDs are popular and you can even buy one that allows you to change colors. You might include bright spotlights for later use when the baby turns into a lively toddler.

Colorful accessories

diyAccessories define the baby’s room. From wall hangings to table pieces and toys, there is no end to what you can do. Just use your imagination.

Having kept your baby’s room ready, all you can do now is wait for that precious bundle to make a bawling entrance into your life and home.






by Sandesh Dhanraj, on December 7, 2015