Home décor trends in 2018

The beginning of a year marks the advent of new styles and trends. In 2017 we saw flamboyant colors like green and tropical jungle prints making a splash in the interior decor sphere, and so does this year, several trends have taken the center stage. Let’s look at how the popular home decor trends of 2018 can be incorporated in your house.


Ultraviolet – Pantone Color of the Year:

Pantone have described their color pick for 2018 as a “provocative and thoughtful purple shade”, a color that’s more than just a trend, it’s a reflection of individuality and of what matters most in today’s world. Ultraviolet is a bold color, so to use it as wall paint might be a bit overwhelming. One of the best ways to use this color is as an accent. Use a rug with ultraviolet tones or some ultraviolet throw pillows to add a regal touch to your living room. Lavender flowers in a white vase make the perfect corner accessory. Contrast it with light shades to achieve a stunning effect.


Metal Leg Furniture:

While decorating your house, the material you use plays a key role. The more durable the material the better, as it saves on cost. Metal is one such material which has a long life, which is why we are seeing its growing popularity. Metal leg furniture is the perfect example of cutting-edge contemporary design idea. A glass dining table with metal legs add a chic and elegant look to your dining area. Using tall ball stools with metal legs is a good way of infusing some fun in your bar area.


home decor trends in 2018Organic/Earthy Decor:

Being amidst nature is the perfect way to relax. Given the benefits, it makes sense to infuse these elements in your home as well. Indoor plants are one of the best ways to do this. An evening in a balcony filled with plants is a good option to escape the stress and tension of the day. You can also add this natural touch to your dining space. A wooden dining table teamed up with a shelf full of earthenware and ceramics and small creeper plants looks beautiful and adds the much needed natural tones to your home as well as serves as a statement piece.


Velvet Upholstery:

To add a grand look to your living space a vintage sofa with velvet fabric is a great option. Or your favorite armchair upholstered in velvet to add some spice to your reading time. It can be used as a contrasting fabric – use velvet cushions along with cotton upholstery. Or a velvet carpet against wooden floors. Velvet makes your room looks rich, as well as adds a quirky element to it.

The trends of the year 2018 are such that they can be easily incorporated in your dream house without much modification. Refurbishing your sofa with a velvet fabric, bringing in metal legged bar stools, adding a natural element with indoor plants or jazzing up the space with ultraviolet are few easy options to break the monotony, add some fun elements and stay in tune with trends.



by Sandesh Dhanraj, on January 30, 2018