8 Innovative Ideas For A Great Dining Space


A dining room is a place where we spend quality time with our family and friends , taking a break from a busy lifestyle and also enjoying a healthy meal. It is very important that we keep it clean and also maintain it in an hygienic way . Over a period of time however, the dining room looses its sheen and looks dull and lifeless. To bring back the lively and nice feeling to an old dining room you could consider the following tips . This not only makes you dining look stunning but also gives an elegant makeover.

  1. All dining halls must have a closed closet to store cutlery and the like. Decorate it with satin tapes either with a bolder hue or with a color that does not compromise the closet . It’s a DIY which can be done with duct tape which would not harm your furniture too.
  2. Painting interesting food patterns or stripes with leftover paints from your last painting spree is not only pocket friendly but also a very good idea to creatively glam up your dining room walls.
  3. Any modern dining room will definitely need better lighting . Try symmetrical lighting to create a cozy and warm feeling.
  4. If chairs need a makeover, you just add a few slip-ons over them either with bright colors or subtle shades for a change of look.
  5. Have expensive cutlery set and wondering where you can display them? The bare walls on the other side of your dining hall can be the right place. Make small cubicles or just one extended portion or case, and display them there.
  6. Decorate the fifth wall or the ceiling with either rustic art work or larger than life beams with small lighting along the lines. A small exquisite chandelier can also work wonders.
  7. A dining table can also be made cozy and comfortable with an area rug which can be of a hue which is subtler or vibrant.
  8. A space can also be made to hold a small bar cabinet even if not an extensive one, but something handy for a meeting or a party. Decorate that with a vase and some fresh flowers.

All of the above, can help give your dining its lost shine and make it stand apart. All the pieces you have bought should blend well with the rest of the decor, otherwise it could end up looking like clutter. You have to exercise caution when following these, so you are left satisfied and content with the end result.



by Sandesh Dhanraj, on December 27, 2015