Tips For Creative Bedroom Lighting Fixtures

Bedrooms are meant to emanate a relaxing and loving vibe but the same kind of décor and boring lighting schemes can dampen all the charm of the space. When boredom strikes, it is time to provoke your creative juices and install some great looking light fixtures. Several amazing options of lighting schemes are available in the market. These tips will help you select the best option.

Wall Sconces

wall scones

Wall Sconces take up very less space and can gorgeously change the way your bedroom looks. Antique finished wall sconces can be installed to frame the bed in an alluring manner. Sconces can actually look quite simple and sleek and act as the perfect decorative element. You can opt to install sconces if there is a space issue in the bedroom. You can also use these sconces to light up a particular corner of the bedroom like the bed side stand or a special painting etc.

Paired Bedside Stands


One very simple tip to create great lighting scheme in the bedroom is to invest in paired bedroom lamps. This works especially well in symmetrical bedroom décor schemes. Keeping two night stands on the two sides of the bed and placing identical looking night lamps on both sides adds symmetry while enhancing room decor. When you switch on the lamps a perfect picture of symmetry in light is created. This arrangement will work even better if the bed is placed right in the center of the room.


chandelierIf you can afford it nothing beats the glamour and the sensational extravaganza of light created by a chandelier. Crystal chandeliers are also referred to as jewellery of home décor. Chandeliers are perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere it the room. If you do install one make sure it is proportionate to the size of your bedroom. A too small size will not create the desired effect while a disproportionately large chandelier will drown out the room making the atmosphere claustrophobic. Chandeliers can act well as the primary light source of the bedroom.

Pendant Lights

If you are lucky enough to have a high ceiling bedroom, then do consider installing pendant lights in there. Two pendant lights placed from the ceiling will create a dramatic effect. If you do not have space constraints then a series of pendant lights in varying sizes hung in a particular corner of the room, will create dramatic a corner. Look for lights which can be adjusted for brightness so that a dim light effect can be created whenever required.


Bright Floor Lamps

A separate area in the bedroom can be designated for reading and other activities, and floor lamps are perfect for this scenario. Sometimes bedrooms do not have enough natural light and floor lamps are good for creating specific circles of light in the bedroom. While the bed zone can have a dim light option , bright white colored floor lamps can act as a source of bright light that is high on aesthetics and yet convenient.



by Sandesh Dhanraj, on December 9, 2015