Tips on Getting Wallpapers to Suit Your Bedroom Decor

Wall papers look lovely and can add a whole new dimension to the look of your room. All you have to know is what kind of wallpaper to use, then select and install it accordingly. It is highly recommended that you choose wallpapers in accordance with the décor style of your bedroom. Follow these tips to get it right.

Match wallpaper to bedroom furniture


The first tip that you should apply while selecting wall paper, is that it should complement your bedroom furniture. Furniture style is usually permanent so any kind of wall art that you do, must showcase the beauty of the furniture. If the furniture is large and over the top, then plain neutral designed wall paper would look well. On the other hand if the furniture is plain, then florals and chintz rose or paisley patterns will give the room a beautiful decorative look.

Create an Accent/ Contrast wall

wall1Wallpaper can be beautifully used to highlight and create an accent wall for your home. An accent wall can be made with a completely different colour of wallpaper, than is used in the rest of the bedroom. However contrast accent will only suit your bedroom since it is quite large and spacious. In case of a smaller bedroom, you can opt for sequenced accents where the accent wall is one or two shades darker but in the same colour family as the rest of the walls.




Matching Wallpaper to the personality of your Bedroom

The primary question which has to be addressed while selecting bedroom wallpaper is simple; what is the personality of the bedroom and how can it be enhanced. Every bedroom has a personality which reflects the aesthetic choices of its dwellers and a signature style. How well you select wallpaper will depend upon how well you understand the personality of your bedroom. Is your bedroom cozy and romantic? Is it serene and calm? Do you need a place that gives you energy and vitality or do you want your bedroom to soothe you? Answer these questions and get the perfect wallpaper to suit your bedroom vibe.

Art Deco Wallpaper


Some wallpaper designs available in leading interior design stores are so beautiful, that they can replace art. Geometric and contrast design shapes work well if you do not have too many distracting décor elements on your wall. Extend the wallpaper over the shelves of your home too for an added glamorized effect. If you love the minimalistic look then try getting concrete lookalike wallpaper; it can create a zen like effect.

Proper installation of wall paper

The wall paper won’t look good, if there are damp spots on the wall or other imperfections. Surface prep is a very important part of wallpaper installation. Leave the installation part to professionals as they know best to create a beautiful looking wallpaper decorated wall. Remember that selection of wallpaper should walk in hand hand with correct installation to create the desired effect.




by Sandesh Dhanraj, on December 16, 2015