Top 6 Home Decor Items Made From Discards

The phrase “one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure” is hundred percent true. There is a lot of stuff lying around in the throw away trash that you could actually put to good use. In fact you could make some awesome home décor items from throw away items and change the get up of your home completely. Here are 6 awesome home décor ideas for you.

Draperies and cushion Covers with Old clothes

curtainsDon’t throw away the summery frocks you used to wear as a girl and can no longer fit it. Cut the fabric and get them designed as cushion covers to spruce up your sofa/ recliner. Do not throw away your old jeans. You may not use them but you can cut open the denim and use the pockets for storing everything from pens, scissors, old tapes to old bills. Just cut open the jeans fabric and attach it to a board on your wall and you will have a whacky wall holder all ready.







Seats made up with Old Tires

tyresDon’t trash the old tires of your vehicles or sell them at the junkyard. If you want you can make them into interesting conversation pieces for your home or build them into amazing furniture. Fill up the hollow circle in old tires with wire mesh or knotted ropes to make a sturdy seat. Put colorful cushions on them to make a cute settee. This is a nice (and inexpensive) way in which you can make new patio or lawn furniture from rejected trash like old tyres.

Mini Flower Gardens from Old teapots and Cups

So you think that you have a lot of old cutlery lying around at home which should better be thrown in the trash!! A better idea is to transform them into mini flower pots, for little house plants like geraniums, nine o clocks and daisies. Teapots look especially pretty when they are hung up with wire from the stair case handles, balconies or curtain rods. Cups can be kept on the table, window sills or at odd little corners of the home. All you have to do is to get some good quality soil and a little compost to plant your mini garden in.



Earring holder made of broken picture frames

Smash the glass out of broken picture frames and hang strings of wire in the middle. You can use the wire to hang up your earrings. This is such an easy thing to do that you can make multiple such earring holders to gift to your friends as well.

Birdbath with Cracked Planters

Planters of different kind of sizes can be repurposed as birdbaths for your tiny feathered friends. Paint your old and cracked planters and fill them up with water, before positioning them on window sills and balconies. Your little friends will love your birdbath in the summers.

bird bath

Crockery Holders from Old suitcases

The ancient trunks and old suitcases which you have been planning to throw away can be recycled into great indoor utility items. Remove the front cover of the suitcase, attach ply board shelves in the middle and stand them up on one side to make little crockery or jar holders.

The more you experiment and innovate, the easier it will be for you to create fantastic home décor items from old trash.



by Sandesh Dhanraj, on December 19, 2015