Transform Your Bedroom


To have a wonderfully decorated home, your bedroom should not look cheap and overcrowded . It should rather look sophisticated and comfortable. Anything you buy will either look exceptionally good or downright bad if you do not know how to blend them into the other surroundings. The bedroom is the only room in your entire household that not only allows the mind to rest but also connects hearts. You can achieve the classy , elegant and organized look with the following tips.

  • Contemporary graphic wallpapers: The wallpapers need not essentially be in nudes or neutral shades. Some can be vibrant and subtle with a classy abstract design too. Anything that compliments the interiors will give you that extra plush look.


  • Paints : If you are a person who doesn’t opt for wallpapers then just go for bold paints. Being classy doesn’t stop at beige or a combination of black and white. A warm dark grey for a pristine white bed also makes a style statement.
  • Use of metals : Wall decor can comprise of metallic pieces of art when you have used a deeper shade of wallpaper or paints. This can also be rustic or mirrored art works which may not necessarily be brands. Even street art looks great. It adds a glamour to the rest of the surroundings.
  • Headboard : When opting for a bed ensure you either choose something with a big head board where you can add a few extra pillows and lean in or a four canopy poster bed that can be placed right at the centre. Make sure it is wood, since nothing can scream class other than this material.
  • Curios : Side lamps, wall art, clocks, etc. need not essentially be color matched . They can either look rustic or just look old classic.
  • Details : Usually the bedroom has to exude a sense of calm. Therefore adding small detailing, such as scented candles , an array of different sized pillows will invite lighting at different levels of the room.
  • Tables : Side tables and stands cannot be given a miss. They are a quintessential part of every bedroom. Choose them in such a way that it enhances the aura of the rest of the furnishing of the bedroom. A rustic chandelier is also highly recommended.

Stylish interiors of a bedroom gives you a contemporary feeling. It does not only mean to create a cozy and warm atmosphere but also cater to the functionality of the room. That gives you a unpretentious and a very attractive bedroom for a comfortable and stress free life.

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by Sandesh Dhanraj, on February 24, 2015