Trendy Modern Homes Within Your Budget

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For many people the joys of a simple living are slowly dawning. They have come to realize that , feeling wealthy does not essentially mean buying large homes. An existence with less financial aid is also being increasingly valued in the current times. Respecting decisions on a strict budget are no more cringed down upon. Liberating people to live their lives, rather than what their work dictates them is the need of the hour. Here is a compilation of what you could possibly do with your budget to make your living room look modern and trendy.

Lighting : Did you know lights can either break or make the interiors of a living space? Try and invest in low wattage bulbs to give an instant change to the living and bedrooms, and for a restful ambiance. Use a combination of dim yellow and dull white lighting at vertical heights to add to a glam factor.


Don’t forget your Greens : Greens can neither be forgotten in your diet nor in your living room. Greens in your living room gives you a sense of calm. You can get large vases or short small ones , place it in neat little corners of your living room and try some indoor plants. The larger vases can have one single large leaf to give a striking effect. Small herbs in pots along your kitchen sill can give you a soothing feeling.

Focus on your Floors : Floors have to be kept clean always and if at all they are in a bad shape, consider investing in low budget friendly carpet with cuts and designs which pleases your taste and which goes well with your interior furniture and the surroundings.

Wallpapers : Have you ever considered repainting your interiors and the approximate quote your painter gave, which must have shocked you? Today, user friendly wallpapers come in a wide variety of hues and tones with an array of prints catering to a variety of people and their needs.

wallpaperStorage : You definitely didn’t know that storing things too would make your house look pretty and neat? Consider investing in some large bookshelves with small cubicles either decked up with books or try small cuddly stuff toys. Pieces of furniture like beds can double as storage places below. Some furniture gives spacing to hold stuff and other knick knacks.

Layered fabrics : Cheap inexpensive materials from your local flea market will do the trick to add on to your curtains. Add extra layers of soft nets and rich hued curtains to give an elegant feel.

Paintings : Not insisting on a Picasso or a Michelangelo, but anything pretty in your local art store, in different shapes and sizes can deck up the side walls of your living room or staircase.

Simple changes : Consider simple fixes before you dispose old stuff. Like olive oil for old leather, spray paint for old kitchen chairs etc. This will give them a new lease of life.

Add oomph : Faking wall art using duct tape and painting different hues on one wall of a living room which is completely sans any artefacts are other ways to brighten your home.

A classy and modern makeover does not essentially have to be big spends. These humble tricks would help you incorporate novelty and new kind of experiences within your style. They offer you luxury and comfort without burning a hole in your pocket . You will be left surprised how easy it is to create an elegant looking and feeling living room, even on a tight budget.



by Sandesh Dhanraj, on December 23, 2015