Wardrobes – Statement Pieces For The Home


When you think of bedrooms, the first thing that comes to mind, after the bed is the wardrobe. Each and every household has wardrobes, whether fixed, sliding or walk in. Even if walk in wardrobes are a rare sight in Indian households it is fast gaining acceptance. Going by the current population that seeks a variety, wardrobes are available in various styles, be they laminates for a contemporary look , or wood for a classic style. The basic Indian wardrobe was a quintessential wood make, but as time passed, people started to opt for trendier and chic materials . These needs of wardrobes escalated with growing needs of the consumer. Wardrobes are basically of three varieties,

Fixed Type – These wardrobes have been there since time immemorial. They were built along with the home. These wardrobes were usually designed with the top most larger portion on the inside, and the lower portion divided into four square boxes.

Sliding Type – These are more apt for smaller spaces. They are very useful, since they give the illusion of an additional space and can even be illuminated to give a sense of space by opting for glass on the exteriors. Insides have drawers, which are fully removable or with larger shelves made of glass or synthetic material.


Walk-in Types – These are large, expansive spaces almost like another room, which can be stepped into to dress up as well as store clothing and accessories. Walk-ins also work well when there is space between two rooms which lies unused .

With customizations in terms of height, depths of the interior space, lofts and doors, sliders when in small rooms , finishes as in teakwood or plywood , dimensions , partitions which can meet the requirements of the individuals, materials used and configurations, the wardrobe has come to mean more than a storage, but also a statement piece to make the bedroom look classy, elegant and good. They can be designed in myriad different ways, tailored to suit requirements and designed to suit the interiors of a particular room.



by Sandesh Dhanraj, on December 22, 2015