Why Add DIY Decor To Your Home


In an increasingly commercial and image-centric world, most people are engaged in revamping their personalities and living spaces to represent the ‘trendy look’. In the maddening race for perfection personalization often takes a back seat and the charm of home décor is lost. There are many ways in which DIY or Do It Yourself home décor pieces score big and beat impersonal designer décor. Below are the few reasons why you should take the DIY route today.

Save on Time and Resources

The biggest issues faced by any homeowner, who is thinking of going on a home revamping project are budgetary and time shortage. Both these problems are automatically solved, when the DIY route is taken. The DIY décor route often uses trash material or unused stuff or items that are easily available around the house to create something fresh and beautiful. If you take the DIY route, you are sure to save at least 60% of the money because there is nil labor cost and less material cost. What you save on expense however, will have to be compensated by effective use of imagination and creativity.

Sense of love and accomplishment


Every DIY home décor project that you execute in so many ways, is just like your own child. The process of conceptualizing how you want a particular home project to turn out to be, working together with your partner and family to evaluate how it should look, judging the progress and finally falling in love with the results is deeply satisfying. DIY projects can give you an adrenaline rush and a burst of admiration for yourself and your abilities. You will forever cherish the DIY décor that you have created, knowing that it was your own mind and own sweat that brought it about. A designer’s work will obviously be made by somebody else and will probably not have the same appeal.

Personal Touch

People love to go the DIY route as they love introducing parts of their personality into their homes. For example, a person who is heavily into literature can convert his home to reflect the personality of a bibliophile. A fashion lover can update her home to reflect her sartorial choices. A music lover can create masterful wall art with old CD records and music paraphernalia. Ultimately DIY projects always reflect that unique indescribable elements of personal touch, that separates a home from just a house.


Hone your skills

Obviously a home décor DIY project, will require you to put in a lot of time and effort. In the process of measuring, gathering raw materials, drilling, cutting and putting together the pieces, you will learn a lot of new things. Your skills of visualization, measuring ability and creative skills will get sharpened as and when you achieve progress with your home DIY décor project. With every new project, you will get better and better and finally you will reach a stage, where you will be able to guide friends and family about how to do up their own spaces the DIY way.

DIY is a sustainable way of living, and one that brings immense joy as well as the acquiring of new skills in the long run.



by Sandesh Dhanraj, on November 23, 2015