Winter Home Decor Ideas


Do you need an excuse to do up your home? The nip in the air is a clear indication that there is a new season upon us. So why not use this to give your home a winter makeover? If you are wondering how, we tell you how to do it right.



Décor Mantras

Winters are all about adding that dash of warmth to your homes and carpets do that beautifully. Also using lighting intelligently is a great way to do up your home. Keep it minimal, where less is more. This winter declutter your home – do away with decorative items, furniture, linen, clothes, that do not reflect who you are or that you do not need. Ensuring you place the furniture right is another way in which you can change the look of your home.


Colour Coordinated


Start by giving your home a warm and cozy look. This can be done by adding warm accents and using a darker palette. Change of fabric helps you give your home a quick make over. Knitted fabric has been long associated with winter. Use chunky knitted pillow covers and throws in red and greys. Recuse old sweater and convert it into a pillow cover. One way to approach home decor in winter is to imitate the landscape outside, mostly with lighter neutrals.




Fabric Matters

Bright cushions to warm up your home this winter

Fabrics such as wool, cashmere or faux with simple tones will help deflect light and make your home look bright.

“You can also give a makeover by blending the contemporary and traditional look by bringing home some traditional furniture but with a contemporary raw and unfurnished look. Also, you can play with the colors of the curtain. These days reversible curtains are easily available. So, a reversible curtain can help you give a complete new look to your home. You can use a quilt or blanket as a throw on your sofa or the arm chair or also can spread one on the floor in your living room to ensure the cosines that winter demands,”

says Sandesh Dhanraj, Founder of Noah Interiors.

Cushion covers are an ideal and the easiest way to give your room a wintery makeover. There is no better way to begin the winter excitement at home than doing a bedroom makeover.


Holistic Cleansing

With winters being just around the corner, a host of airborne pollen and household allergens find their way indoors causing infections and diseases. In addition to pollen, closed and unventilated homes can breed dust mites, molds, pet dander and other household irritants. So this winter let your home embrace the season in all its hues.


  • Avoid the use of sunny bright colors or white.
  • Instead of changing the entire upholstery of your sofa, go for throws.
  • Floor to ceiling curtains look great.
  • Plaid is the perfect cozy pattern. Use it more often this season.
  • Place scented candles at the place of your choice.


This story appeared in Deccan Herald’s Homes & Interiors dated Nov 24, 1017 here.



by Sandesh Dhanraj, on January 20, 2018